4" x 4" x 36"">
4" Thick Cherry Square Laminated Plank @<br>4" x 4" x 36"

4" Thick Cherry Square Laminated Plank @
4" x 4" x 36"

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  • Beautiful Cherry

  • Sustainably harvested

  • Face glue-up, of 4 or 5 boards, then planed and sanded on all sides down to 4" square

  • Kiln dry

These large cherry wood squares are finished to 4" square, and 36" long. Smooth on all sides. We start with 1 inch rough lumber. Next we get the faces nice and smooth, then perform a face glue-up, that we then plane and sand down to a final thickness of 4" thick. We then cut them 4" wide, to end up with a 4" x 4" post, that's 36 inches long.

All the Cherry we use, is replanted, or recovered from landfills. We value our woods, and sustainably harvest the timber with our Amish neighbor's using horses.  Horses move around the small, second growth of trees. Heavy machinery simply runs over it.

 American Black cherry is a domestic wood that is usually considered to be in the same class as mahogany for usage in the United States. It is described as wood for fine furniture. The stiff and strong wood is reported to work easily with both hand and machine tools. European and American black cherries are reported to be comparable in many aspects, but the latter is more plentiful. Both species are reported to be strong and tough and have been compared in strength properties to Yellow birch, and compares favorably with Teak.