4 Years and Going Strong!

Wanted to make a quick update over here - we opened our doors on 12/20/2017 so this year makes 4 years of selling wood online!

It's been a fun adventure and we couldn't be happier.  We went from one channel to five, from five species to twenty or more, from a brother-sister-nephew workforce to an Amish community, and from a handful to customers to thousands worldwide!

We're planning on this fall / winter 2021 to be our busiest yet.  We still deliver the same project-ready wood as we always have, but we've added some new products like cedar shavings and cutting board staves.  We do a lot of custom shelves and wide wood glue ups and a decent amount of cedar shiplap.

We hope we continue to provide you the same high quality wood and service you've grown to expect!

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