Shop Policies & Frequently Asked Questions


Actual or Nominal

Measurements shown are actual, not nominal.  What you order is what you will get.  


Cut Down Customization

Do you need a board ripped to 7.5"? Leave us a note in the Customer Notes field at checkout.  If it's simple enough, we're happy to do it at no additional cost.

Complex customizations need to go to sales@woodchuckswood.com


Custom Orders

Not finding what you need?  Email sales@woodchuckswood.com and tell us what you need.  For us to build you a custom listing we need to know species, quantity, thickness, width, length, and zip code.

Example: 3 Walnut @ 3/4" x 4" x 48" to 54436


Wide Boards / Glue Ups

We sell boards in many widths.  Occasionally we'll run low or out of a wider width.  If this happens, we will contact you and give you 3 options:

1.) Receive the same board footage in narrower stock.  (ie - instead of one 10" board, get two 5" wide boards)

2.) Allow us to do an edge glue up.  That's where we take narrower color and grain matched boards and glue them together to achieve the desired width.  We use professional strength, water resistant Titebond II wood glue.  The board is just as strong and less prone to cupping or warping over time.  Glue ups are common in woodworking - shelves, tables, chairs, etc.

3.)  Cancel and refund your money.


2-Pack and 5-Pack Discounts

Discounts are already taken on the two and five packs.  To check this, multiply the single board price times the quantity and you should see a 10 - 25% savings.  Buying in quantity is worth it!

Business to Business / Large Volume Discount 

If you're planning on ordering 50 or more boards, email us at sales@woodchuckswood.com to see if we can get you better pricing!


Processing Time

Most orders are cut at the time of order so we kindly ask for up to 10 business days to get an order out the door.  You will get a notification with tracking number just before it leaves the shop.


Expedited Processing

Are you in a rush to get your boards?  Email sales@woodchuckswood.com, to see if we can accommodate your needs.  Oftentimes we can extend a rush charge at about $1 per board to bump an order to the top of the list.  During the busy season (Sept - Jan), this may not be possible.


Wood is heavy and heavy means expensive when it comes to shipping.  We've negotiated some really good rates with UPS and FedEx, and we've signed up with a vendor who can get huge discounts on USPS postage.  We use an online service to search across multiple vendors (USPS, UPS, FedEx, SpeeDee Delivery) and shipping classes (Ground, Overnight, 2-day, etc.) to choose the least expensive method.

Shipping rates charged are what the vendor is charging us.  We do not make money on shipping.


Expedited Shipping

Different from expedited processing, this is how you want your items sent to you.  Typically we search across multiple vendors (USPS, UPS, FedEx, SpeeDee Delivery) and classes (Ground, Overnight, 2-day, etc.) to choose the least expensive method.  If you specify overnight shipping at checkout, that is what we will use.