About Us


We are a family business nestled in an Amish community in northern Wisconsin.  We appreciate the Amish and work with them as much as possible.  Many of them are woodworkers like us, so work with many families to produce the wood we sell.  

The wood shop started as a hobby and grew into a business when we realized that people love project-ready wood and variety scrap packs delivered to their door! We specialize in milling dimensional lumber, and the byproduct is sold as scrap variety packs.

It is an honor and privilege to get to work with such wonderful people.  Their skills and talents are vast, and their dedication to a simple life without electricity or any modern conveniences we take for granted amazes us.

Sustainability and Local Vendors

Our wood is bought from local family-owned businesses and from the Amish.  We believe in sustainable harvesting and eco-friendly business practices. 

One of the reasons we respect the Amish is because they are responsible and harvest wood sustainably.  They use horses and mules to extract trees from the forest which causes less damage to the ground and underbrush.  They don't deplete an area of an entire species and are careful to remove old or damaged trees so smaller saplings and new growth can thrive resulting in a healthier forest.  Wood is never wasted by the Amish whether it's the sawyer, sawmill, or furniture maker.

Our wood is kiln-dried and 100% organic untreated wood milled by the local Amish.  It is direct from the source to you – not picked over by the big box stores.  


Quality & Choice

Like with the Amish, quality is of the utmost importance to us.  Everything from precision cuts to color consistency and straightness of grain is scrutinized to ensure the finest boards.  Lumber found at your local hardware store or big box hardware retailer has been heavily mechanically processed and is picked over before it makes it to the shelves.  At Woodchuck's Wood the lumber goes from the sawyer to your door. 

We offer a range of species, widths, and custom cuts.  A typical hardware store typically only offers thick 'boring' pine/ basswood/ red oak/ etc. up to only 6 or 7" wide.  Browse our wide stock...and prepare to be amazed.  Wide, rare, boards are hard to come by...until now...because we pass those treasures on to you.


All of our boards come sanded on both sides, with no finish applied.

Leroy, our Amish neighbor to the East, runs a cabinet and door shop and is a pro at finishing. So, if you need your boards pre-finished, with a stain of any type, just ask, and we'll see if Leroy can help.

Custom Work

Got an idea or looking for something in particular that you don't see on the website?  Don't be afraid to send us an email (Sales@Woodchuckswood.com), we have real people on the other side waiting to answer your questions or create a custom order specific to your needs.

Processing Time

Business is booming and we couldn't be happier!  We understand this is a world of immediate gratification, but as a good woodworker knows, some things just take time for proper quality.  While we strive to ship a custom cut within a week, we request up to 10 business days to complete and ship an order.  Please realize that the Amish and others around this community don't typically work weekends so we have to schedule accordingly.

We acknowledge an order within 24 hours and schedule it into production.  Once an order is complete and ready to ship, an email confirmation is generate with a tracking number.

Depending on demand, every order is processed in the order it was received.  We offer a handful of exception "rush" orders for an additional charge that helps us pay the additional labor we bring in to expedite the order.  Please contact us directly if you have a tight timeframe and we'll try very hard to accommodate your needs.

Thank you for supporting our business!