About Woodchucks Wood

Woodchucks Wood is based in north central Wisconsin....Granton, to be exact.   Sales@WoodchucksWood.com is our eMail address.

We are a family operation, in the middle of a large Amish community.  We appreciate the Amish, and work with them as much as possible.  Many of them are woodworkers, just like us, and so we buy most of our lumber from them.

One of the primary reasons we respect the Amish is because they use horses and mules to harvest trees.  Those that run sawmills and dry kilns, understand the importance of preserving our trees on earth, and are careful to replant, and take trees that are either dead, or dying.  Because they don't use heavy machinery in the woods, there is very little destruction, when gathering logs.  Horses work around the young saplings....heavy machinery just drives over it.

One thing you will notice when you buy wood from us, is the quality. You need to realize that the lumber you see at Home Depot, or other hardware stores, has been heavily picked over by all the managers. Think about all the hands that lumber has gone through, before it gets to you. Our lumber goes from the Amish, to your doorstep.
This means that you're going to get boards with beautiful grain, and exquisite color and texture.  Also notice that typically, any board at the hardware store, that is very wide, is an edge glue up. You'll almost never find 9", 10", and wider boards at Home Depot.  Browse our wide stock...and prepare to be amazed.  Wide, rare, boards are hard to come by...until now...because we pass those treasures on to you.


All of our boards come sanded on both sides, with no finish applied.<br>Leroy, our Amish neighbor to the East, is a pro at finishing boards. So, if you need your boards pre-finished, with a stain of any type, just ask, and we'll get Leroy to help.

Custom work

Lastly, don't be afraid to send us an eMail, if you have questions.<br>We cut custom size boards all the time.